4QM Teaching works with a wide range of schools and districts. We consult on large scale curriculum revisions, write curriculum, and provide professional development to help teachers incorporate the Four Question Method in their planning and classroom teaching. Outcomes include more focused curriculum, more student-centered teaching, higher student engagement, and improved student learning.

We work closely with individual clients to determine their needs and design a program that will meet those needs as efficiently as possible. Contact Us if you’d like to start a conversation about energizing history teaching and learning in your school or district.

Some of our clients include:

Nashville Classical Charter School

Curriculum Writing: 3rd, 4th, 5th Grades

Nashville Classical Charter School is a K-8 School in Nashville Tennessee that uses the Core Knowledge Foundation’s history and geography curriculum. They like the curriculum’s rich content, but found that lessons did not engage students in thinking about the history…

Hollyhock Humanities Fellows, NYC

4QM Workshops for Summer Fellows

The Hollyhock Foundation Humanities Fellowship is a prestigious year long fellowship program for experienced teachers in the New York City area. The fellows are paid for two weeks of summer reflection and pedagogy workshops, and meet regularly during the school…

Summit School, Winston-Salem North Carolina

Vertical Articulation & Curriculum Revision, Grades 1 - 9

Summit School is an independent pre-K through grade nine school in Winston-Salem North Carolina. Their social studies curriculum is the legacy of years of creativity by individual teachers, and we’re working with them on a comprehensive revision with the goal…

Springfield (MA) Public Schools

4QM Workshops For Teachers And Curriculum Planners

When schools switched to remote learning in the spring of 2020, 4QM Teaching switched along with them. We’ve done a series of remote workshops for teachers and teacher leaders in the Springfield Public Schools, an urban district serving a high-needs…

Hudson Public Schools, Hudson MA

Curriculum Implementation & Curriculum Writing

In 2018 the state of Massachusetts introduced a new history scope and sequence for middle and high schools, and the Hudson Public Schools used a state grant to contract with us to help figure out how to make it work…

Uncommon Schools Network, Newark NJ

Curriculum Revision, Unit & Lesson Planning

The Uncommon Schools Network is one of the country’s leading charter networks, operating over fifty schools in urban districts in New Jersey, New York, and Massachusetts. During the 2018-2019 and 2019-2020 school years we partnered with Uncommon to develop units…

Bishop Kelly High School, Boise ID

Remote Video Workshop: 4QM Unit Planning

It’s a long way to fly to Boise from Boston, so we set up a two hour Zoom video conference with the history teachers at Bishop Kelly High School. We introduced the Four Question Method, showed them one of their…

These questions are MUCH better than the ones I've been using.

2021 Workshop Participant

Fantastic inquiry method, engaging program.

2017 Workshop Participant