Hudson Public Schools, Hudson MA

Curriculum Implementation & Curriculum Writing

In 2018 the state of Massachusetts introduced a new history scope and sequence for middle and high schools, and the Hudson Public Schools used a state grant to contract with us to help figure out how to make it work for their teachers and students. Hudson is a suburban district with a diverse student population, and over the course of four half-day visits we helped teachers in grades five through twelve re-envision their courses, design model units, and revise assessments. In 2021 we wrote and workshopped a seventh grade 4QM unit on the Roman Republic that incorporated a present day civic action project. Todd Wallingford, ELA and Social Studies Curriculum Director, had this to say about our work: “Steeped in historical knowledge, Gary and Jon can hang in a conversation about any content. Many teachers told me this was the best PD they’d had in years. I’m thrilled with the precision with which they are now defining their assessment questions.”

Hudson Public Schools, Hudson MA

"You have created a very elegant and versatile framework to approach something (the body of history!) that is a behemoth and sometimes leaves students unengaged otherwise. It's a big contribution that you have made to history teaching. Thank you!" (Erin McMurray)

These questions are MUCH better than the ones I've been using.

2021 Workshop Participant

Fantastic inquiry method, engaging program.

2017 Workshop Participant