History Teachers Have A Problem:

They have to teach content AND thinking skills.

Most history teaching isn’t nearly as good as it could be. That’s because history teachers face a daunting task: they have to cover massive amounts of required content, and they also have to teach kids to think. It’s extremely difficult to do both at the same time, so most history teachers don’t try to. Instead, they either pile on the names and dates, or skip over important content to make time for engaging activities.

The solution: 4QM Teaching

“4QM” stands for the “Four Question Method,” a simple yet sophisticated way for teachers to cover their mandated content while simultaneously engaging students in the key thinking skills of history and social studies. Developed by two real-life public school history teachers with over forty years of combined experience, 4QM guides teachers in planning focused and engaging lessons, and students in thinking about history as a dynamic discipline.

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Teachers trained in the 4QM can efficiently create and improve their own materials, matching them to their particular courses and students. 4QM trained teachers can collaborate effectively, using 4QM thinking and vocabulary to provide students with consistent skill-building across grades and classrooms. Students who learn in 4QM classrooms regularly practice the kind of active thinking that historians, social scientists, and engaged citizens do every day. Let us show you how to bring 4QM thinking alive in your school.

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