Nashville Classical Charter School

Curriculum Writing: 3rd, 4th, 5th Grades

Nashville Classical Charter School is a K-8 School in Nashville Tennessee that uses the Core Knowledge Foundation’s history and geography curriculum. They like the curriculum’s rich content, but found that lessons did not engage students in thinking about the history they were learning. During 2021-22 we worked with school leaders and a fourth grade teacher to create a 4QM unit on the Renaissance, based on Core Knowledge materials. Feedback was excellent: students were much more engaged, and the lessons and assessment were more intellectually demanding. We’re continuing our work with Nashville Classical for 2022-23, writing 4QM units for grades three (Native Americans) and five (African Kingdoms) this year, and training all the social studies teachers in the method.

Nashville Classical Charter School

"Having something different to do every day was really exciting and engaging for the kids… It was more than just fun; they learned a lot every day."

These questions are MUCH better than the ones I've been using.

2021 Workshop Participant

Fantastic inquiry method, engaging program.

2017 Workshop Participant