Our subscription pricing is based on school size. A subscription grants a school site license to use all the materials on the website for a full year. You can create as many accounts as you want for teachers and other adults at your school. Each account includes access to all unit and lesson documents, the “teaching tips” videos, and regular curriculum updates. Subscribers can also contract for custom professional development (remote or in person) focused on particular curriculum content, and have priority enrollment at remote workshops.

A small school (under 500 students) subscription costs $495 a year. A medium school (500 – 999 students) subscription costs $995 a year. A large school (1000 or more students) subscription costs $1,495 a year. Email us directly if you’d like to ask about volume pricing for your district.


Small school (under 500 students)



Medium school (500 - 999 students)



Large school (1000 or more students)


If you would like us to reach out to you with a quote specific for your schoool....

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